2017’s Best Travel Planning Apps

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Try these High-Tech Planning Tools To Make Your Next Vacation As Smooth As Possible!

2017’s Best Travel Planning Apps

Technology is great isn’t it? An estimated 95% of Americans now own cell phones, and 77% own smartphones. That number is up from 35% in a study conducted in 2011, and the number will only continue to rise. With the smartphone explosion has come a staggering amount of travel conveniences, including being able to find airfare, travel deals and places to stay no matter where you are. This week, we’re going to take a look at some fantastic apps to help you plan and organize your next vacation. Take a look and let us know if you have any personal favorites!

Kayak Mobile

As you’ve probably seen in their commercials, this has been a go-to travel app for a long time. Kayak combines a bunch of different travel websites and scans them for the best deals on rental cars, hotels, flights, etc. Since Kayak has been around for awhile, you can find deals here you won’t find on any other travel sites, and you can use their Price Forecast to see if a better deal is coming up. If you’re a frequent traveler, the Kayak App is a must.


If you’re just looking for the absolute cheapest flight possible, Hopper is a great app. Like Kayak, it will scan travel sites to find the best deals, but will send you push notifications whenever they come up (so you don’t have to sit on your phone all day). They track billions (literally!) of flights, and claim they can save you up to 40% on your next flight. If you have a last-minute trip to take, you’ll definitely want to download Hopper, as you can book a flight in 60 seconds or less.

Google Maps

What would a technology post be without mentioning Google? Google Maps is widely considered the best way to navigate around unknown cities. It also works well in many other countries if you’re travelling abroad. One of the best features is that it shows nearby public transportation options, restaurants, museums, etc. Google also recently added a feature that shows how busy places are in real-time. This is a must-have if you’re travelling to a new destination.


This is a really cool app that will do (some of) your packing for you! PackPoint will look at the weather forecast for your chosen destination and dates, and give you a checklist for you to pack with! You can also select certain activities, like going to the beach or having a business meeting, and it will give you ideas on what to bring. It allows you to remove any items you don’t think are necessary afterwards. A great idea if you’re forgetful like myself!


Not sure about that sushi restaurant in Kansas? Look it up on TripAdvisor! Widely known as the catch-all app when it comes to travel, this will help you find millions of reviews on restaurants, golf courses, airlines and anything in-between. The best part about TripAdvisor is that reviews can be found on almost any country on earth, and you can use its Near Me function to find well-reviewed places near you. Like Yelp, you can also add your own reviews. TripAdvisor is another must-have if you’re interested in doing anything fun on your vacation.

Obviously, there are many more we could list here, but this is a good start. Since travel technology is now literally at our fingertips, you might as well use it to have the best vacation imaginable! Let us know in the comments if you have any favorite travel apps, and as always, happy exploring!

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