5 Best Midwestern ATV Trails

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Try these exciting and fun ATV trails with a Midwestern twist

5 Best Midwestern ATV Trails

It’s fall, which means it’s a great time to hit the trail! There’s not a better time of year to go wheeling, as the weather is cool and the colors are spectacular. If you’re in the Midwest, there are plenty of great ATV trails to check out. Read on to see if any of these fit your eye, and be sure to leave your favorite trails in the comments below!

1. Soo Line Trail, Minnesota

This is a sought-after destination for Midwest off-roading. With over 200 miles of trails (and plenty more to do in the area), you’ll never get bored. Be sure to check out the Soo Line Trail - Southern Route, which stretches 105 miles through eastern Minnesota and into Wisconsin. The entire trail is open to motorized use. While there, be sure to stop and see us at the Soo Line Trail Campground, which is only seconds from one of the best ATV trails in the Midwest!

2. Black Hills, South Dakota

If you’ve ever been to the Black Hills, you know there are plenty of spots wheelers dream of. The entire Black Hills National Forest is criss-crossed with thousands of miles of trails, some that stretch into Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana. Many of the towns and landmarks are ATV friendly, and many of the roads in South Dakota are ATV friendly as long as you have proper signals, licenses, etc. The most popular spots are around Deadwood and Hill City, but we like Deerfield Lake, which is less crowded and very serene. You can always see us at Rushmore Shadows Resort in Rapid City, and we’ll be happy to help you find the best trails!

3. Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Ride more than 100 miles through Jackson County and 135 miles through neighboring Clark County in some of the most scenic forest you’ve ever seen. The trails take you through rolling landscapes and streams, and they have municipal ordinances favorable to trail riding. This is a unique area of the Upper Midwest that won’t disappoint!

4. Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

Located near Sheridan (which is a great town all in itself), this is one of the most underrated ATV areas in the country. The scenery is unmatched, and the trails range from easy to extremely difficult. There’s plenty more to do in the area as well, with great hunting, fishing and camping. Be sure to check out the local ordinances and stay on trail designated for ORV use, however, as the park is strict (rightly so) on where you can wheel.

5.  Pauite ATV Trail, Utah

So, it’s a bit of a stretch to call south-central Utah the Midwest, but we couldn’t pass this place up. This is an extremely ATV-friendly area with a 275-mile long journey through awesome rock formations and wild landscapes. There are a lot of ATV jamborees taking place in this area (more than anywhere else in the U.S., in fact) and some of the trails ride over 10,000 feet in elevation. This is a really cool area you won’t want to miss if you’re an ATV rider.

Obviously, we couldn’t make a fully comprehensive list of all the best places to ride in the Midwest, but hopefully this gives you a start. Please give us a call toll-free at (800) 231-0425 and we’ll be happy to help plan your next ATV vacation. Happy exploring!

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