7 Reasons to Try Tent Camping with Your Family This Summer

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Fresh Air & Family Time: Tent Camping Has Never Sounded Better

7 Reasons to Try Tent Camping with Your Family This Summer

For as long as humans have existed, we have camped. From the early hunter-gatherers to the sophisticated explorers of today, people have camped underneath the stars and truly connected with nature. Camping is one of the best ways to detach from the grind of everyday existence. This week, we’re going to give you 7 reasons why you and your family should try tent camping this summer. If you haven’t tent camped, or it has been a long time, it’s time to recharge your batteries and get outdoors. Here’s why:


 1. Camping is Economical

If we’re being pragmatic about it, camping is going to save you a lot of money compared to other destination. With airfare, hotels, theme park tickets, etc., expenses can add up quickly, especially when travelling with family. Camping is comparatively cheap, and can be just as much fun. Sure, you may need to purchase some basic equipment like a tent and sleeping bags, but your still going to save a ton just by camping for a couple vacations.


2. Camping Keeps You Fit

Being outdoors in general is healthier than sitting on your couch, and if you do even some moderate activity (which you will) you’re going to burn a lot of calories. Most campsites have plenty of hiking, biking and swimming nearby, and usually new activities you’ve never tried before. Being outdoors also boosts your vitamin D and increases your endorphins, which are natural stress-fighters.


 3. Camping Allows You to Explore New Places

You can camp just about anywhere you go in the U.S. There are so many fantastic things and places to see, and you’re not tied down to just one spot when you camp. Non-campers are often shocked how many great campgrounds and gorgeous areas are less than an hour from their homes. You can go places you’ve never thought of going and really expand your horizons.


 4. Camping Makes the Food Taste Better

There’s nothing like campfire food after a long day of hiking and exploring. If you haven’t experienced it, trust us on this one. There are all kinds of new and fun recipes to try, and again, it’s going to cost a lot less than taking the entire family to a restaurant.


 5. Camping Resets Your Sleep Cycle

Studies have shown that exposing yourself to only natural light can reset your sleep cycles to that of the sun, the way humans lived for thousands of years before harnessing electricity. A few days of camping will really help you sleep better when you get back home.


6. Camping Lets You Detach

We’re so often bombarded by constant phone notifications, emails and advertisements that we don’t understand how scrambled we can get. Now, we’re not suggesting you’re never going to have your phone or tablet with you when camping, but it might be nice to turn them off for awhile. Again, studies show that simply getting away from work and/or school will actually make you a better employee/student when you get home. Leave technology behind for awhile, and live (at least somewhat) like our ancestors. You’ll be thankful you did.


 7. Camping Makes Memories and Builds Skills

We’d venture a guess that those of you who grew up camping have unforgettable memories of friends and family together. The skills and activities you learn while growing up camping can be used for a lifetime and passed down through the generations. At Midwest Outdoor Resorts, our campgrounds offer all sorts of fun and unique activities that the entire family can do together. Most state parks also offer classes and lessons on all sorts of things, from kayaking to knot-tying. If you’re looking to rekindle a relationship, or get closer with your friends and/or family, camping in the outdoors is a perfect way to do it.

Please let us know some of your favorite camping memories or activities in the comments. As always, we’re happy to help plan your next camping adventure. Give us a call toll-free at (800) 231-0425, or email us here. Happy exploring!

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