Must-Have Travel Apps of 2018

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How to Let Tech Make Travel Easier and More Enjoyable

Must-Have Travel Apps of 2018

If you’re someone who’s on the road constantly, you’re probably aware of the convenience of travel apps. For those of us who don’t get away from home all that often, we might not realize the awesome conveniences we hold right in our palms.

Say you’re looking for some cheap airfare. You can get a notification as soon as the price of a flight drops. Maybe you’re on a cross-country road trip. You can get traffic information about a crash on the interstate 20 miles ahead. If you have a long layover in an airport, there’s an app that can give you the best places to eat and some fun activities so you don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable chair for 10 hours.

This week, we’re going to make you a tech-savvy traveler and give you a few new apps that will relieve some of the inherent stress that comes with travelling. Read on!

If you’ve ever had a long airport layover, you know how boring it can be. Some of the larger airports are like mazes and getting from one end to the other is a chore. FLIO gives you arrival and departure times, discounts on food and shopping, tips on navigating the city you’re in and even places to charge your phone and/or laptop in the airport. This is a must-have for the frequent (and not so frequent) flyer.

2. Google Trips
This all-in-one app is convenient for those who like to plan. Google Trips will consolidate flight information, reservations, hotel and car rentals directly from your email. It will also provide recommendations based on your preferences, such as the best places to eat or landmarks to visit. You can also save your trip details directly to your smartphone, so you don’t need Wi-Fi or data to use the app. Another must-have.

3. Waze
If you’re driving, get the Waze app. This is fantastic not only for road trips, but also day-to-day commutes. Waze imports traffic information from other users directly into your phone, so you can avoid long delays on the road. You’ll see accidents, construction areas and even speed traps. Waze will give you cheap gas alerts and show you the best routes to take as you’re driving through a new city.

4. Roadtrippers
This itinerary app is awesome for a cross-country adventure. Roadtrippers will help you plot the destinations you’d like to see along your journey and give you useful hints like gas stops and hotels. You can also share your route and schedule with friends and family. Whether it’s a roadside attraction, national park or scenic point, it will be on Roadtrippers. You can also sync your trip across multiple devices for easy reference.

5. PackPoint
Enter in your trip details, such as length of stay, destination and reason for travel, and let PackPoint do the rest. This app will give you recommendations on what to pack depending on where you’re going. PackPoint even checks the weather at your destination(s), so you’re not caught out in the cold. You won’t over or under-pack with PackPoint.

6. iExit
Another fantastic road-trip app that is “designed for the interstate,” iExit gives you exactly what pit stops are at each exit of the interstate. Need an ATM, gas station or a quick bite to eat? iExit will tell you where to go. iExit integrates with GasBuddy, Yelp and Travel Coupons to find the cheapest gas, the best food and attractions and great deals on hotels and other stops along your journey. This is a great app for those who don’t necessarily like to plan every single stop along their road trip.

Technology is great, isn’t it? With the power we have at our fingertips, we can relieve a lot of the travel hassles we experienced even ten years ago. As always, give Midwest Outdoor Resorts a call at (800) 231-0425 and we’ll be more than happy to plan your next vacation. Become a tech-savvy traveler, get rid of unwanted stress, and happy exploring!

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