Not Your Average S’more Recipes

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Try these fun new takes on an old classic

Not Your Average S’more Recipes

It’s almost spring, and therefore, almost camping season! Few things go hand-in-hand with camping better than s’mores. This week, we’re going to give you some interesting s’more recipes you and the entire family can enjoy! Let’s get a little creative, and see if we can make a delicious snack even better. Click on the links above the pictures to find full recipes. Enjoy!


 1. S'mores

A nice twist on the classic summer treat, these are sure to delight! S’moreos are pretty simple to make, all you need is peanut butter and Oreos in additional to the traditional s’more ingredients.


 2. Pot of S'mores

We’ve done some Dutch Oven recipes before, but this one might be the most delicious! This particular recipe takes about 15 minutes, but will make 12 servings. An easy and efficient way to make dessert for a lot of campers!


3. S’mores-Dipped Apples

Few things go together better than Granny Smith apples and chocolate. You’ll want to make these before you go on your outdoor adventure, but they’ll make a great treat after a long day of hiking!


4. Pumpkin Pie S’mores

This recipe is especially great for fall camping, when you have some leftover pumpkin pie! It’s a simple recipe, but a great one for those brisk fall evenings.


5. S’mores On a Stick

Is there anything better than food on a stick? This is another simple recipe you can make at home before you head out camping. Add your own sprinkles to make this sweet treat even better!


6. Bacon-Weave S’mores

Have you ever tried campfire bacon? If not, you’re missing out. Combine it with the classic s’more, and you’ve got one interesting flavor combination! This particular recipe uses a home oven, but can just as easily be done over the campfire.


 7. Liquid S’mores 

As this recipe says, the only thing better than eating a s’more is drinking one! This gooey treat is absolutely delicious. To be honest, it may get a little messy at the campsite, so try it at home first.


 8. Peanut Butter S’mores

This is a classic take on the traditional campfire smore. Get some chocolate chip cookies, and mash them into a delicious s’more! Be careful, these things are decadent.

Hopefully you’re as excited to get outdoors as we are! Give a few of these tasty recipes a try to give yourself a treat after a long day outdoors. Happy exploring!

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