Our Tips to Help You Start Saving to Take That Disney Vacation

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Make Your Family’s Disney Vacation Dreams a Reality with a little bit of planning and a lot of saving!

Our Tips to Help You Start Saving to Take That Disney Vacation

Start Saving to Take a Disney Vacation

Every family should have the chance to take a Disney vacation at least once. This week, we’re going to give you some tips so you can save up and take that trip your kids always dream about. Disney offers some great discounts that you can take advantage of, and regardless of your budget, it’s always a good idea to save some extra coin. Read on to find ways to make your way to the land of Mickey!

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1. Start Planning Early

This seems obvious, but is often overlooked. You’ll want to start planning about a year in advance. Hotels at Disney have seasonal pricing, meaning it will be a lot cheaper depending on what time of year you visit. Check out this first-timers guide to Disney World, which has a trip calculator and other helpful hints if you’re going on your inaugural adventure.

2. Buy Discount Tickets

There are several authorized sites that offer discount tickets for much cheaper than Disney itself. Try Undercover Tourist, which sells Disneyland and Disney World tickets. There are a wide variety of options, but this is an excellent way to save. Also, make sure to call our very own Member Services Team at (800) 231-0425 and they can help you look for special pricing through our affliates. 

3. Stay Off-Site

Of course, you want all the magic that comes with staying at a Disney resort, but if you don’t necessarily need to, you could rent a place off-site. There are often condos and houses available for rent through Coast to Coast & Resorts of Distinction. Call Midwest Outdoor Resorts Member Services TODAY and they can help you get started on planning your Disney vacation! You could also take a look at nearby hotels that will come at a steep discount. Disney hotels are cool, but they’re expensive.

4. Buy Your Own Groceries

News flash: meals at Disney are expensive. You can drain your entire budget just by dining in the parks every day. While a few meals out might not be a big deal, feeding an entire family multiple times per day is going to cost a fortune. You definitely want to have some of your own food in the hotel room. Our affiliates even have coupons you can use for items like groceries, movies, and more! 

5. Go More Days

This seems counter-intuitive, but Disney’s ticket prices are set up so that the longer you stay, the less it is per day. According to The Penny Hoarder, the best strategy is to plan one longer trip every few years, rather than shorter trips every year. 

6. Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used for virtually everything at Disney parks, and you and your family can agree to save extra change for them. eBay, Sam’s Club, Target and many others offer ways to get discounts. For example, you could use a Target RedCard to get 5% off all Target purchases. This is also a great way to get the entire family involved in the trip and teach the kids a little something about saving!

7. Watch the Souvenirs

Your kids (and possibly you) are going to be tempted to buy things at every turn. There are tons of shopping options at Disney, but they can quickly add up and cost you more than the trip itself. A good mantra is “memories, not things.” Your kids can quickly outgrow the Goofy doll they got, but they’ll always remember the trip. Of course, a few items can be OK, just don’t let it get out of hand.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve taken a trip to Disney and what you did to save. Disney parks are fantastic places for the entire family to visit, you’ll just want to be prepared and make sure to budget accordingly. Happy exploring!

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