Why Millennials Are Taking Up RVing Full Time

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Fulltime RVing Isn't Just For Retirement Now!

Why Millennials Are Taking Up RVing Full Time

Ah, traveling full time. That’s the dream isn’t it? A carefree, liberated lifestyle, seeing all the landmarks and sights there are to see. For many of us, it seems at best a long way off, if not impossible. Imagine, however, if you could work AND play full time. Many Millenials are doing just that.

During the Great Recession, the RV business was in a steep decline. The industry was reeling as travelers lost disposable income and nest eggs dissipated. Since 2010, RV sales have increased for seven straight years. Can you guess who stepped in to help?

Millenials. Millenials are now the largest group of people in the U.S., and their RVs allow them to take technology on the road. With the ability to work solely online, many are foregoing the dream of home ownership and living a life of adventure. The most common purchase is a pre-owned rig for around $15,000, then adding $5,000 - $10,000 of extras. These include pet and child accommodations, high-tech amenities like Wi-Fi and recreation storage for various activities.

In the 1980s, the average age of the RV owner was 50. Now, that number is 48 and rapidly decreasing. If taking up the traveling lifestyle is of interest to you, here are some tips:

Have a big-time passion for travel:

Obviously, you need to have a strong enthusiasm for seeing new places and meeting new people. The RV life isn’t always glamorous, but every day offers something fresh. One week you’re in the Black Hills, the next on the Gulf of Mexico. There are no leases to worry about (assuming you bought your rig), and you can pack up and leave wherever you are whenever you want. It’s definitely a large-scale lifestyle change. If you’re a homebody, this style of living may not be for you.

Plan, plan, plan:

You need an RV that works for you, and some sort of income. There are many ways to earn money online, including blogging, consulting, social media and even technical support. You’ll also have time to learn new skills as you travel. Be sure to look at what you’re currently spending on your home or apartment, and calculate the costs of gas, camping, repairs, etc. Generally, you’ll find that RVing is cheaper than spending $700-$1,500 per month on rent, but you need to be prepared for everything. It’s helpful to have some working knowledge of your rig so you don’t incur giant repair costs.

Dream, dream, dream:

What do you want to do? Maybe hit a bunch of PGA Tour tournaments? See all the baseball stadiums? Go to every National Park? Maybe you’d like to hang on the California coast for a couple months, or you want to move around constantly. The point is, know why you’re doing what you’re doing. RVing isn’t always easy, so when challenges inevitably arise, it’s important to have ambitions.

The point is, you don’t need to be retired to live the RV way of life. If you’re fed up with your career and have a zeal for travel, it may be for you. Thousands of Millenials are making it work every day. It is a life of freedom and ever-changing circumstances. It’s for the adventurer, those who love nature and the outdoors. Please let us know of the RVing experiences you’ve had in the comments.

Happy travels!

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