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Indigo in Paradise: My Puerto Vallarta Vacation

Written by // Team MOR Categories // Coast to Coast

puerto vallarta 3I’ve spent the past year here in the Member Services department helping countless members research and plan their vacations all over the world. I love helping them find great deals in great places so I was very excited when my boss suggested that I take a vacation of my own. Using Hopaway Holiday, the condo portion of Coast to Coast, I was able to take a fabulous vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in early November of this year.

I started planning out my vacation nearly a year in advance. I had to think about where in the world I wanted to go. Did I want to go on a cruise or did I want to book a condo? Should I go somewhere warm or should I learn to ski in the snow? How many people did I want to take? These were just some of the things I had to consider before I could continue planning my vacation. I decided on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico because I speak the Spanish language and because upon doing some more research, I found that it was a safe, friendly, and inviting place to go in Mexico.


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